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We're Sandra and Kim, we live in London, Ontario Canada. We love creating delicious heathy recipes that give us energy and help us feel younger.

Our Journey to Health...

We have been on a journey for the past few years and have discovered that simple food switches make such a huge difference.  

We were inspired by our daughter to change our health, she shared videos, books and lead by example.  She got us to shift our thinking when it comes to food, we are so grateful for her wisdom.

We stay away from refined sugars, dairy, table salt and chemical type ingredients.  We found healthy food switches for everything that we loved and we never looked back. 

Since changing our old food habits, here are the benefits we have noticed

Through this journey we have developed a passion for learning about health and sharing with others.  All of the recipes on our website are food that we eat all of the time.  Eating this way, we never calorie count or feel deprived. We feel great, we feel like we are in our twenties again. 

We are so grateful for the Institute of Nutritional Leadership course, thanks Dr. Axe and everyone in the course!  


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