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My sisters story - how extraordinary vitamins did extraordinary things for her

My sisters story - how extraordinary vitamins did extraordinary things for herdepression, anxiety, elevated blood pressure and glaucoma.

Small changes make a BIG difference.

This is not my story.

This is my sisters story. 

I am a messenger who was meant to help get this story to who ever needs to hear it.

I know my sisters story is meant to inspire and help other people.  I don't know if it's you who is meant to hear this story or if its someone close to you. 

What I know for sure is that this story is meant to be told.

I am going to keep it REAL. This is my sister in the RAW.  I am sharing her story, right from our Messenger chats.

    This is how the story starts, my sister had depression, anxiety, elevated blood pressure, diabetes and glaucoma.

    In December 2017 as a Christmas gift and birthday present I gifted my sister with 3 months of shopping at a online wellness store that I was just introduced to.  I did the first month of shopping for her and then she took it from there.

     She ordered the vitamin pack and extraordinary things happened.   


    From our chat about depression

    January 31, 2018: 

    "I don't want to jump the gun but I have been feeling more energy. I know I should still give it time to get a better idea, but so far , so good"

    February 03, 2018:

    "My energy level has been really good, usually I have a low grade depression and I have had NO amount of depression at all, which is amazing. 

    I know life has been a struggle for me for so many years with the depression coming and going especially this time of year when there is not much sun. The relief I have felt has been life changing, and I know it is the vitamins because I have changed nothing else other than take the vitamins, friggin mind blowing for sure.

    I am a skeptical person, I had no idea how effective they would be"

    March 14, 2018:

    "I love these vitamins soooo much. It has completely changed so many things for me. Not only do I have more energy, but that little bit of lingering depression is gone, which really has improved my thinking. I am feeling more positive.

    For someone like me who has been struggling for so many years with depression, these changes happening are like night and day.

     These vitamins are nothing like the kind you buy at the drug store or grocery stores.  I really can't express how grateful I am to have found these vitamins!"


    From our chat about anxiety

    April 16, 2018:

    I asked my sister if the vitamins have been helping her anxiety.  I asked because a friend that has anxiety asked me what I would recommend to help with anxiety.

    "Yes, absolutely! That is something I forgot to mention. I was so focused on it helping my depression, but yes it has definitely helped my anxiety as well. When I was diagnosed with depression, I was also diagnosed with social anxiety and generalized anxiety. Typically depression & anxiety go together.

    My anxiety has decreased enormously within one month of taking the vitamins, I noticed a huge change. Yes, the depression affected me a lot, I think that is why I noticed such a big change in the quality of my life. But, I started realizing "hey, holy shit I am not feeling anxiety" for example when I would go run errands. Even just talking in the elevator with condo neighbours. I don't feel that intense social anxiety that I once felt.

    It almost feels like I have some confidence again, when it comes to interacting with others. It has seriously improved my life in ways I never thought were possible!!"

    I am sure you have noticed it in me as well. It is almost like I have come out from hiding/suffering. I am taking on these entrepreneur projects, and overall I believe in myself more. I 100% have you to thank for the Christmas gift you got me! It really has improved the quality of my life."


    From our chat about high blood pressure

    April 6, 2018: 

    "I was holding off sharing this just to see if my numbers stayed good before I got too excited.  The numbers clearly speak for themselves. It has been close to a month of since adding in the heart heath vitamins to my vitamin packs and my blood pressure numbers have started to reduce!

    Since I am diabetic, a normal range for diabetics are higher than those who are non-diabetics. I regularly check my blood pressure, I have a monitor at home and my numbers are typically within the normal range for diabetics, but in the past week, my numbers have lowered so much so that I am now in the normal range for non-diabetics!! I am thrilled 🙂 I have been so excited to see such good numbers!

    I am beyond thrilled, every time I take my blood pressure I do a little happy dance. I tell ya, these vitamins are amazing!

    Just imagine all of those people who have high blood pressure and have to take a prescription medication to lower it, so many people could naturally take these vitamins and lower it. Also, these vitamins also target cholesterol.  I haven't had a blood test yet, but I would be curious to see what it is at."

    I was in the yellow, but now I am in the green.

    I feel so happy that I am doing things to help my health  I love this feeling so much knowing I am making improvements"


    From our chat about glaucoma

    May 15, 2018:

    "OMG, I went for my appointment at the hospital with the glaucoma specialist, it was to check my eye pressure #'s. He had told me at that first appointment that you took me to - if my #'s were still high I would have to have the surgery.  After that first appointment I added the vitamins for eye health to my vitamin pack.

    WELL GUESS WHAT, he said the numbers have improved!!!!!!!

    They are still "elevated" so I need to see him every 3 months and if the numbers go up I will def need surgery, but for now he will just continue to monitor it!

    That first appointment my #'s were 30 and today they are 24!!! A normal person is between 12 and 20, so my eyes are slightly elevated still at 24, but not high enough to do surgery!!! Holy shit, holy shit! It has to be the vitamins!

    OMG I can't believe this! I know you were hopeful, and you were right! I came home and cried because I am so happy!"

    July 31, 2018: 

    "Send positive thoughts my way. I go see the specialist to check my eye #'s. Trying not to be nervous, but keep worrying about needing surgery if my #;s are too high.  I've taken my vitamins everyday, so I have to keep believing in them."

    Aug 1, 2018:

    "21!!! It went down to 21! 1st visit was 29, 2nd visit was 24, today was 21, WOW I am so relieved! He now only wants to see me every 6 months instead of every 3 months!  21 is basically in the normal range, friggin amazing."



    Feeling grateful

    "When i think of all of the health issues I have had, I am so grateful that the quality of my life has improved in ways I didn't think were possible."

    I am so proud of my sister

    She leaned in.

    She took a chance.

    She tried something new.

    She elevated her health.

    We have a story to share

    Its about high quality vitamins and the COURAGE to try something NEW.     


    With gratitude,

    Sandra & Nadine

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