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4 Tips to Select a Himalayan Salt Lamp thats Perfect for You

himalayan salt lamp

Imagine a lamp that is beautiful and has health benefits, so cool right!!

We put these tips together after getting our own salt lamps. We honestly did not know much about them in the beginning the only thing we knew is that they look kinda cool and have health benefits.

We wish that we knew about Himalayan salt lamps when our kids were babies.  It would have been so soothing to leave a small one glowing in the nursery right beside their crib. Ahh flash back moment for me right there. 

Tip#1 - What size size/weight do you need for your Himalayan Salt Lamp?

When we first discovered salt lamps,  We had no idea that we might want to pay attention to the size we were picking. We only paid attention to the shape.  The rule of thumb is 2 pounds for every 10 square feet,  here are some recommended guidelines:

  • Small room or cubical: 8-12 pounds
  • 10' x 10' room : 14 - 22 pounds
  • 10' x 15' room:  24 - 30 pounds
  • 10' x 20' room: 32 - 46 pounds

Or your could strategically place a few salt lamps around the room.


Tip#2 - Do you need a dimmable switch on your Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The first salt lamp we ordered did have a dimmable switch like the picture we have below, which is great and we thought oh cool all salt lamps must come with this. When we ordered our second salt lamp we did not pay attention and well it did not have one.  So this is something to look out for if you plan on using your salt lamp at night as a "night light" you might want to get one with a dimmable switch.

4 Tips to Select a Himalayan Salt Lamp thats Perfect for You

Tip #3 - Whats your favourite colour? Do Himalayan Salt Lamps come in blue?

Ya it does.  The colours that we are aware of are blue, white and the beautiful amber, orange pink colour.

Tip #4 - Do you need your Himalayan Salt Lamp to plug into the USB on your computer? 

If you plan on using your salt lamp in your home office or at work, you may want to look out for one with a USB, so handy right.


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