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35 Uses for Himalayan Salt

35 Uses for Himalayan Salt

We had no idea that there were so many ways that you could use himalayan salt until we started learning about himalayan salt sole and the benefits of himalayan salt sole . We are so excited to share this with you. We hope to inspire you to make steps towards healthy changes.

For Your Health

01.  To relieve swollen ankles or swollen feet, soak your feet in a warm himalayan salt bath, it will help draw out excess water.

02.   To help fight a fever, soak your feet in 1 tablespoon himalayan salt sole and 1 cup of water.

03.  To support a sore throat, gargle with warm himalayan salt sole (make sure you don’t swallow it).

04. profile of a person with throat highlighted icon  Put a pinch of himalayan salt onto the very tip of your tongue to help get rid of hiccups.

05.  If you suffer from asthma use a himalayan salt inhaler as a natural way to ease your breathing, and clean the respiratory system

06.   If you suffer from allergies use a himalayan salt inhaler as a natural way to ease your breathing, and clean the respiratory system

07. heart icon If you suffer from high blood pressure use a himalayan salt inhaler as a natural way to help with stabilizing your blood pressure


In Your Home

08. dishes icon  To clean baked on grease from pots and pans, add a spoonful of himalayan salt and wipe with a towel

09. tea cup icon To remove tea or coffee stains from glasses

10. nose icon To remove burned food smell, sprinkle himalayan salt and cinnamon on the stove or in the oven

11. lamp icon Not only do himalayan salt lamps look great, they also purify the air as well as provide other health benefits.  Use these 4 tips to help select a himalayan salt lamp that is perfect for you.

12.laundry basket and laundry soap iconIn homemade laundry detergent


In Your Kitchen

13. onion icon To remove that stubborn onion scent from your hands after chopping

14. coffee cup icon Boost the aroma in coffee, add a pinch of himalayan salt to the ground coffee, before brewing.

15. plate icon Sprinkle on your food instead of table salt. Give this avocado toast recipe a try, the himalayan salt really makes a difference!

16. muffin icon Use in your recipes when cooking and baking.  Give these recipes a try:

17. pestel and morter icon Make your own flavoured salts

18.  pot with steam above it icon  Use himalayan salt sole in cooking in wet mixes like soups, gravies and mashed potatoes. Since its already dissolved it will blend faster.  

19. salt block icon Use a Himalayan salt block to cook on, it will enhance the taste of food

20. salt block icon Use a Himalayan salt block to serve on, it can be used for hot or cold foods.

21. lettuce icon Keep lettuce crisp, after washing lettuce, sprinkle it with himalayan salt and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before adding dressing. The lettuce will remain crisp for longer

22. frying pan icon To stop food from sticking and minimize smoking sprinkle himalayan salt on cleaned skillets and griddles, heat in a warm oven, dust off salt and food will not stick during the next use. This is a much healthier option than using Teflon


For Her

23. feet icon  Pamper your feet with a homemade peppermint foot scrub

24. body silhouette icon Get your glow on!  To rejuvenate your skin use it  in a homemade lavender body exfoliator or in a honey scrub

25. guy in a bath tub icon Use it for a detox bath, the detoxifying effect can be compared to a 3-day fast (if you suffer from poor heart circulation, consult with your doctor first).

26. womens profile icon For your hair in a homemade beach spray hair mist

27. womens face icon In a homemade face scrub

28. womens face icon In a homemade facial toner


For Him

29. mans face icon To regenerate the scalp massage with himalayan salt sole

30. mouth icon  In a homemade mouthwash

31. body icon Can be used as an antacid


For Him and Her

32.  toothbrush icon  As a natural toothpaste, brush your teeth with one tablespoon of himalayan salt sole

33. spray can icon As a natural deodorant


For Athletes

34. running man icon Make a homemade electrolyte drink to balance electrolytes to help regulate hydration

35. guy getting a massage icon  Use himalayan salt massage stones to help reduce tension, stress and relieve pain and inflammation



How do we know about this? We discovered a bunch of amazing books about Himalayan Salt, and used this as inspiration...Blog References/Sources

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Mar 26, 2018 • Posted by Sandra from

Kathleen, so glad to hear that you have learned about more uses for Himalayan salt!

Feb 21, 2018 • Posted by Kathleen Mark

Himalayan salt is really an amazing thing. I have been using it in cooking and as bath salt for quite a long time now and I just love how beneficial this salt is. With the help of your article I have come to know about more uses of Himalayan salt. Recently I have also bought Himalayan alt lamps from ittefaqco at a very reasonable price. These lamps are as good as the Himalayan salt.

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