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How to Make Himalayan Salt Sole

How to Make Himalayan Salt Sole


What You Need

  • 1 glass jar, mason jars work great for this
  • 1 plastic lid, its important that you don't use a metal lid
  • 1/4 cup himalayan salt (or a himalayan salt rock)
  • 1 - 2 cups of filtered water (or enough water to fill the jar leaving two inches at the top)
  • 1 plastic or wooden spoon, its important that you don't use a metal spoon

What To Do

(1) Put the Himalayan salt in the jar.

(2) Add the filtered water and leave two inches at top.

(3) Cover the jar with the plastic lid, give it a shake and let it sit for 24 hours. 

(4) Check the jar after 24 hours, if there is still Himalayan salt left on the bottom of the jar, then this is good. If there is not salt left, add some more salt and check it again in 24 hours.

(5) Store the Himalayan Salt Sole covered, in the cupboard or on the counter. The saturated Salt Sole will last indefinitely because of salt’s natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

(6) As you use up the Salt Sole over time, add more filtered water and more salt.  

What do you do with Himalayan Salt Sole?

Use it in your Cooking

Himalayan Salt Sole can also be used to cook with. A little goes a very long way and the flavour is amazing!  Here are a few recipes that you might want to try:

Use it Daily or when you need a little Boost

There are many benefits to taking Himalayan Salt Sole...healthy skin, helps healing, boosts energy, improves digestion, weakens addictions, restores blood pressure, harmonizes acid/alkaline (ph) levels.

1. Put about 1 teaspoon (make sure its a plastic or a wood spoon) of Salt Sole in a glass of filtered water, stir and drink it on a empty stomach.

2. Adjust if you need to.  If it tastes too salty then pour some out and add filtered water . If its not salty enough add a bit more Salt Sole. What you need may be different from day to day, listen to your sense of taste.


Do not use a metal lid or spoon in your salt sole jar , if you do it will de-ionize the himalayan salt


How do we know about this?  We discovered a bunch of amazing books about Himalayan Salt, and used this as inspiration...Blog References/Source

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